101 adventures of Axel the world famous Schnauzer

So …my dog fell down a hole. Disappeared for a couple of days causing much angst before we finally found him and rescued him from down a 10m deep mine shaft. He had miraculously survived  the fall into water and then two days and a night out in subzero conditions. My mum rang up 3aw with the ‘good news’ story and it caused a minor media storm. I had journalists on the phone for two days and whilst draining we milked it for all the ‘Pub..licity’ it was worth. I have decided to dedicate a webpage to Axel ‘The Worlds Luckiest Schnauzer’. Hairy McLairy is a boring rugrat in comparison and I am now working on selling the rights for global kids book domination.


In order, these are just some of the adventures he has survived followed by links to all the media he has received and plenty of photos to show what a handsome beast he is.

  1. Surrounded by wild dogs @ the appropriately named ‘Wild Dog’ Flat
  2. Ate a keg lid and nearly died from bowel obstruction
  3. Got in a fight with a big grey roo in the middle of The Great Ocean Rd
  4. Caught a small roo in Lorne before his master realised he was part aboriginal and nearly knocked him out with a stick from 10 m
  5. Gored by a deer, leaving 30 stitch hole in chest
  6. Fell down a small mine shaft near our house, rope rescued by my mate Tony
  7. Fell down a big mine shaft & was lost for two days causing the below media furore…

World wide fame

Chanel 7 Sunrise live with Kochie  Thanks to Mark Steven from Outback Agency we were able to set up a live satellite cross from the deck of The Snowline Hotel

Herald Sun – Page three, if you don’t mind

3aw – The rumour file started it all thanks to a call from my Mum. She won a couple of decent prizes for her story telling.

National Nine News

The Alpine Observer

One of the best responses we had to Axel’s story was a love letter from a fellow Schnauzer all the way up in sunny Queensland…axelloveletter

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