Top 10 reasons to stay in Harrietville this winter…

Top Ten Reasons why staying in the Ville is a great alternative this winter…

Ok so we’re predjudiced, but there are alot of reasons why many Mt Hotham staff choose to live in Harrietville and why our little patch of paradise has been enjoying a resurgence with skiers & boarders.


  1. Its Closer to Melbourne – Sounds strange but this actually makes it easier for a weekend  or long weekend trip. Leaving after work you can be in the bar having a drink by 8:30 pm(only 3.5-4 hours instead of 5) . No putting chains on in the dark, no getting luggage in oversnow, parking the car and catching the bus in a blizzard.


  1. It’s Cheaper – A Coopers Pot at the Snowline is still only $3.80 at happy hour!…We don’t have to make our living in 12 weeks so generally accommodation, food, beverages even equipment rental are at standard country prices.


  1. Better Weather – Not always, but its generally much more sheltered in the Valley. If its blowing 100 mile an hour blizzard up top you can still get around comfortably or even go for a hike or bike ride rather than be stuck indoors.


  1. There’s lots of Goats – Harrietville, where men are men and goats are nervous. We love goats. They’re hard to ride but cheaper to run than a ride on mower.


  1. The Drive Up – You’d think we’d be over it but there’s little more exciting than the drive up to Hot Ham on a big dump day. The snow level often starts just out of Harrietville. The trees getting more and more loaded, glimpses of Mt Feathertop as you rise, stereo blasting your favorite tunes. Grab a spot at Mt Loch car park, clip in and GO! BBQ in the carpark is a great way to end a Spring session. We’re also only just over an hour to Falls Creek if you want a to ride another mountain.


  1. Lots of Stuff to do – If the weather’s rubbish, you’re a bit sore, your partner or kids don’t ski then there’s heaps more to keep you entertained down in the valley  . Go for a hike, ride a bike, go fishing at the Trout farm, explore the Ovens river. Check out Bright, Beechworth many local wineries, breweries and too many activities to mention.


4 – Less Ski Instructors – I think they only join up for the red jacket and to pick up girls with tall tales of exotic European ski resorts you’ve never heard of. If you get trapped in a bar apres ski with a gaggle of red jackets you might find all your skiiing tales trumped. In Harrietville we have much more intellectual conversations… about banjos an shootin deer n stuff.


  1. No Ice – Thats right… no birthday party for you here Ben Cousins. But seriously, you don’t have to shuffle around in a howling blizzard just to find a beer or go fetch the paper. No need to put on every piece of clothing you own for a 10 minute walk then have to take it all off as the bar you have entered is like a sauna.


  1. –  Eating & Drinking – Harrietville now has plenty of great value options for bfast, lunch or dinner. There’s three Cafes doing great coffee & tasty meals all day plus the Lavender Farm for traditional Scones & Tea. At night there’s two Hotels in town serving everything from Pizza to prime Scotch Fillet.


And the number one reason to stay in Harrietville…

  1. You can eat, drink & stay @ The Snowline Hotel


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