Epic Mountain Bike Ride – Mt Hotham to Wandiligong via Buckland Valley

Just ticked off another Epic Mtb ride I have wanted to do for ages. Valuable lesson in being prepared for everything. We left a bit late, underestimated the last climb and ended up coming down a ‘sphincter clenching’ descent in the dark with nothing but head torches. ‘Character Building’ is one description that comes to mind for this route. Attached is the  strava…I’ll shout a pint of Bridge Road’s finest to anyone who can ‘ride’ this whole route as there is some seriously steep fire trails in the final climbs and descent. Read on for all the gory details and some pretty pictures…


So we left a car on the  corner of Dargo Rd & The Great Alpine Rd.only a 20 minute drive from Harrietville.  Take the Twins Jeep track out along the ridge. Stunning 360 degree views all the way along the ridge and fun undulating trail past several nice camp sites for about 10 kms

Twins Jeep Track corner of Mt Murray Track

After the turnoff to Mt Murray take the first right down a fast fire trail into the Buckland Valley. You descend into spectacular remote section of the upper Buckland River. When you hit the valley floor you travel through Beveridges Station the along a gravel rd past many great campsites along the Buckland River. Take the track right at Clear Creek and prepare for a world of pain.


Clear Creek crossing before the pain begins



Mostly climbable but you may need to walk some sections depending on the track condition and your fitness level. Once you hit the aptly named ‘Demon Ridge’ track turn left and enjoy having all hope of downhill coasting crushed by a series of false summits along the ridge.

Demon Ridge is appropriately named


Finally take the first right down into the Wandiligong Valley. I hope you didn’t start too late as this bastard trail is steep. Taking it down in the dark with a dodgy head torch changed the colour of my underwear. Once you hit the pine plantation you are home and hosed. A cold beer at the Wandi pub nearly tasted as good as The Snowline Hotel.

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