Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing Transport Options

We have had quite a lot of enquiry recently for transport options to service the “Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing”

We have an 11 seat mini van and  4 seat 4wd taxi to we can use to help hikers get to the trailhead of many walking options in the area. Unfortunately, no matter how you organise it this walk requires a 5+ hour transfer between Mt Hotham & Falls Creek. So please understand that this a very expensive option as we have to charge our vehicle and drivers out by the hour. The only trips longer than this that we do are the odd Melbourne to Hotham pick up in winter.

It seems that the ski resorts and parks are intent on marketing this route to increase summer patronage to Mt Hotham & Falls Creek. It is my opinion that there are much better options in the area that require much smaller transfers.

Above is an example of  a great walk Janine from Casbak Alpine Units in Harrietville recently did. Over 6 days and 5 nights they explored all the best bits of the high country taking in most of the best High Country Huts and including the summit of the iconic Mt Feathertop. They borrowed one of our ‘Spot Trackers’ to ensure they had emergency support in the few areas that are out of mobile coverage. I will put up a more detailed write up including pictures of this route in the next couple of weeks.

Day 1 – Harrietville to Federation Hut via Bungalow Spur track – 9 km

Day 2 – Federation Hut to Mt Feathertop summit then down Dimatina Spur to Blair’s Hut on the Kiewa River- 10km

Day 3 –

In the next couple of weeks I will be adding maps and trail notes for 1-5day hiking options in the area that start and finish in Harrietville or require a much shorter (and therefore cheaper) shuttle transfers.

We have walked most of the best routes in our area ourselves, have plenty of maps available at the pub and are happy to provide advice on different routes available in the area. If you would like tips on routes or would like to book a transfer or accommodation feel free to call me on 0402 377 101 or email contact@snowlinehotel.com.au.



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